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Vittoria B

7373 Long Sleeve Georgette satin collar

Rib knit wool/ silk- 70%merino wool/ 30% Silk
Merino Wool and Silk, the two most highly-sort natural fibres, combine to create a fabric that offers the ultimate balance of warmth, comfort and softness while being fine and lightwweight on the body. Thanks to the presence of silk, it can also be comfortably worn by those who are sensitive to wool and it prevents the fabric from pilling. A fundamental characteristic is the fine texture of the fabric, which despite being just a few millimetres thick can give the body a feeling of infinite warmth.
Thanks to their special weave and to embellishing lace and tulle trimming, these women's luxurious knit tops can be worn for any occasion..

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$299.00 each
7373 Long Sleeve Georgette satin collar - S - Black - $299.00
7373 Long Sleeve Georgette satin collar - M - Black - $299.00

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